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Cheap Book Editing USA!


What can we offer you? If you are a budding writer, or a semi-pro eBook publisher, or even a paperback writer with some experience, we can help, offering proof reading and editing – and we have customers across the board. We can edit and correct an 80k book for $500 typically, and with a fast turnaround time.

It’s not just about the punctuation

proof readingWhat most of our customers want, and what most of them appreciate from us and don’t seem to get from our rivals, is a plot analysis. If a story has geographical or historical errors then we usually spot them, as well as technical errors described in the book – your main character driving on the right in a country where they drive on the left! If your main character is left handed at the start of the story, he should not be right handed at the end. If it’s night time when the action starts, your main character should not be able to see as well as in daylight – something that many writers get wrong. So we will not just highlight the punctuation problems and spelling mistakes, we will attack the plot as we go, highlighting problems. Fact is, most budding writers want an opinion as well as an edit, they want to know – ‘is this any good?’ We won’t lie to you, and we sometimes offend coverset-horizontal-medpeople by mistake with our harsh comments, but you will get the truth.

Some editors will tell you that your story is great, just to get some money from you. We won’t. Our strength is in our repeat customers, and they come back because they know we will attack the plot errors as we go, making the book a better read.

 Gay writing

If your story involves gay sex we may turn it away. Please warn us in advance. Also, if the sex scenes are particularly unpalatable or the violence is graphic, we may refuse to take on board your project.

Child abuse

If you have written an autobiographical account of how you were abused as a kid, or raped as a woman, we may turn down the project. Please warn us in advance.

Don’t be offended, but…

theflyersidebarsnowfalcon-sidebarIf your book is weak, we will not edit it, simple as that. We will not waste your money, because a weak book getting an edit is still a weak book – and we’ll tell you so from the initial sample sent to us. Often, budding writers send us their book and we turn them down, and they are offended by it. We don’t mean to offend them, but they must understand that a book that needs every sentence correcting is not something that we would like to put our names to. Why? Because budding writers often wrongly believe that an edit will fix everything, and that afterwards their book wll be publishable. An edit will not fix everything, and afterwards your book will still be weak – if it was weak to start with. Sometimes, budding writers come back to us with – ‘Hey, you edited my book, but still no publisher will pay me a million bucks for it.’ An edit fixes certain things, in the time allowed within a $500 budget. An edit is not a re-write or a ghost write, it is a simple edit, and you need to understand that.

What’s the next step?

Send us a large sample; tell us how many words long it is. That sample should be in MS Word .doc format .docx format, not .odt or .rtf or any other format, and not a .pdf. We will then get back to you with a quote if we wish to take you on board as a client.

How do I pay – Cheap Book Editing USA?

We accept PayPal payments, and our PayPal account has been running for many years and is fully verified, so you are covered in the event of a dispute. We’ve not had a problem with PayPal yet.

Who are our editors – Cheap Book Editing?

ohio_book_atc_leather_img_1134We have editors in many countries, where it is warm – and cheap for them to live, and most are retired academics or writers, some in Europe and the Far East. All are native British speakers; some are British (so you’d figure they could speak and write English correctly!). Our principal is British by birth, but often lives in the Far East. 95% of our customers are American; most are eBook writers that self publish.

Religious books

We offer editing and proofreading of religious books and do so often, but we will not offer to correct any technical religious points or specific references to passages in the Bible, since that would take too long. We will correct the English, but we will not comment on whether or not we agree with your motives or content – that is down to you and we will not judge.

Self-help books

We are often involved in editing of self-help books and motivational books, and we will comment on the subject matter if you wish us to. Some of our editors have themselves written self-help guides, as well as books on social issues.

Technical books

We will happily offer editing of technical books, but without making technical comments – that aspect would be down to you. Many technical books have commas in the wrong places, and typos, so we can help with correcting the English used, as well as the flow, making the book easier to read for your customers.

Repeat customers, or book series

If you have a series of books that you wish us to edit, then we can work out a discounted rate after the first book has been completed. We are happy to negotiate.

Chick lit – and sex books

We edit a great many books aimed at women, so called ‘chick lit’, and they often have graphic sex scenes. This is not a problem for us. If you have written a book with a great deal of sex, just let us know and send us a sample.



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